Friday, December 29, 2006

Little time; but with intensity

Time is a valuable commodity. Perhaps the most valuable thing we can't grab a hold of, or get more of. We're fooled into believing it's linear, as it certainly appears to be in our quotidian realm. It is the "present" we must believe in; but as runners, we must have faith in the future.......

It was this precious resource I was lacking in today.

I made the most of my time this morning by running on the treadmill for just 30'. I spent 10' with a warm up, then did some drills off the machine, and ramped up the pace for a solid 20' workout. In the 20', I probably ran the equivalent of my 5K race pace + 00:50" total. I think that last sentence made sense.....Anyway, it was a tough, but comfortable run.

Had a short discussion with Coach afterward regarding the way my body has been responding to training of late.

Have a great weekend all........

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