Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hill repeats

On the agenda today was a series of 5 X hill repeats. I was slightly pressed for time, squeezing my run in when Sarah came home for lunch from work. I was immediately out the door when she was through the door, warming up and doing drills on the seawalk. The repeats take a circuitous route around my home, with the hill being about 300m + maintaining a solid pace for another 150 m on the flat. I started out by deciding to time the almost exact 1 mile loop, but soon threw the watch aside (metaphorically, of course) as it was more important to heed the advice I was given, and concentrate on good form during the hill. The time doing the loop, at this point, is essentially meaningless. I was going to get more from this workout by running up the hill, concentrating on snapping my arms back and picking up my feet.

By the final hill, I was working on keeping my head up and not looking down. It was tough, but I kept my head up, and this first hill repeat session was in the book.


Lorne said...

Oh you isolated, lonely pathetic blogger you - congratulations on your virtual reality workout on the hills.

Keeping the head up is essential. Good work!

Patrick Nesbitt said...

I'm lonely and I don't even have a blog. What does that make me? hmmmm...

Hey good job on your workout LB!