Monday, March 12, 2007

Recovery run in Victoria

After yesterday's race, Team Behan, and our support crew, went to the downtown eatery, Pagliacci's. I personally used the success of the morning race as an excuse to imbibe a wee bit and gorge myself. I ate more than usual, so much in fact, I wasn't feeling right for several hours after we left the restaurant. I had bread, more bread, red wine, bread, more wine, dinner, and to finish right, NY cheesecake. I said to myself, I'd be back to my normal diet in the morning..... my tummy ached, and I told myself to remember how uncomfortable this felt.

Following my dining orgy from the night before, today, I needed a longish recovery run. The family, including Jill, headed for Beacon Hill park in the afternoon, where Audrey would play at the playground, and I'd head out for my run. I ran easy from Beacon Hill along the water, winding my way up and past King George Terrace (what a view!) and onto Beach Ave. I turned back after 27' and then felt the wrath of a wicked wind coming off the water directly into my path. It wasn't particularly cold, as it was a beautiful sunshiny afternoon, but what it lacked in coolness it made up for in strength and persistence. I ended up with a 56' run and had a lovely time with the family, capturing some good moments with the camcorder for future editing into a movie masterpiece. Perhaps a future Team Behan member?

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Team Behan sounds sweet!