Sunday, May 20, 2007

A slow boil with Lisa

I met up with Lisa M. at the old golf club in the townsite, where she was joining me for 10 of my 15k boiling water run. We walked 500m as a warm-up down to the dirt road, and from there started shuffling south. It was cool to start, but at least the rain held off. We turned at the southern end of the sea-walk and made our way back. Once back at our start, I bid Lisa adieu, and ran back to the gated entrance of the beach trail before turning around and running my fourth leg of the trail. It was on the last two legs of the trail that I picked up the pace -- at what felt like 10k race pace (or so) for about 3k, and then stretching it out on the last k. It was nice to do the last 700m with a downhill!

The legs felt great today, and I'm just waiting for my lungs to catch-up, as there has been a residual effect from the cold I had. My gut tells me I didn't quite make the 15K; but it was very close, total running time was 1:08:43.

It's a day off running tomorrow, but since it's a day off work as well, I may run something short instead.

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