Saturday, June 16, 2007

Race report: 5K Longest Day at UBC

This was a run that has made me go hmmmm?

I'm happy with my performance from a pure numbers outlook, but when I examine the race in it's entirety, it could have been different (or maybe not). I suppose in the end, it is what it is.

The course was a bit different than previous races I've run: a fast downhill for the first k, led to a slight climb uphill to about 3k, and then a gradual descent to an adjacent lot outside Thunderbird Stadium for a great finish on the grass.

I achieved a personal best by shaving 4 seconds off my time, running in 17:41.7, but I didn't feel great doing it. If I could see myself running this one, I have a feeling I'd have looked this side of ugly for the last 3K. Maybe it was just the way I felt. I can't remember when it started; but it struck me that it was early, my forearms and shoulders were tight. I just didn't run very relaxed. I realize now after the race, I was focusing too much on the hurt, and not on more positive aspects. This is something to work on.

After the race, I bee-lined it for the free bbq stuff, basically moving there on habit and principle. I quickly realized that now was not a good time to eat. I looked for the nearest person to give my hot dog to (thanks Lorne) and made my way to the washroom. My stomach was not right, and I was feeling queasy for about 45' after the run. My stomach did settle down enough later to get a big old breakfast sausage down, and I was o.k. after that.

When I compare this run with my last 5k, I was feeling pretty good after that one; this one- not so much. Having said all that, I'm charged about doing a 10k next.

Race results here

Congratulations to all the local runners that participated in this terrific event, in particular, to Kevin S. who had a great race, and Lisa M. who cracked the 20' mark. Lorne and Lisa's charges did well too. Lorne didn't do to badly for a master..... (I'll see you there soon in less than 6 months)


eric said...

A PR always feels better when you're not throwing up at the end. Sometimes you have to bleed a little.

Nice run, Lawrence!

Lorne said...

Putting things in persepective, one has to understand that a perfect performance does not always happen on race day. Having said that, one needs to be nearly ecstatic to have PR'ed on a "bad day."

Ya' dun good!!