Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A bit of a bonk

I ran last night at the track, putting in some 10k race pace work. It went really well. Felt good and was right on target, with my last 1600m in 2 sec. faster than intended pace.

Today, it was 8k with the last 2k at 3:40k pace. This one was a tactical mistake. Despite the shortish distance and only a couple k with an effort, it turned out I was under nourished for this one and bonked. I was tired 3K in as I hadn't eaten lunch and didn't have enough breakfast. I bumped up the pace with 2K to go, but I missed the pace by a mile. The last k was in 3:59 and it was all I could do to get home and eat.

I've got two days rest before the race on Saturday and this effort won't deter me from feeling good about where I'm at. On the right day, and circumstance, wonderful things can happen. And as Coach said about dazzling yourself:

How many people ever get that sort of a chance in life?

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