Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Gut" 400's

I was to do 10X 400m every 3' with instructions to "gut" them out. Run full out, or very close to it. I ended up running nine of them in what was a tougher workout than I prepared for; but, five minutes after it was done, the endorphins were coursing through my blood, and I felt on top of the world -- and enjoying a beautiful sunset to boot. It sure beats a cold January day at the track!

My times ranged from 1:05.9 to 1:18. The decay was steady during the progression through the nine. I could feel myself tying up on a few of them, fighting to the finish; there's something about hitting the 200m line that has an affect on both the psychological and physiological. It was a great workout to give me a chance to work on my mental sharpness.

It certainly helped having Patrick and Adam do a few of them with me. It will be interesting to see how the legs respond tomorrow.

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