Sunday, August 19, 2007

5K in 19:09

Ran for 11k total tonight. Work (as it has a habit of doing) interfered with me feeling in an optimal state for the harder effort slated for my last 5K. Started by running 6K easy on the seawalk and the roads, and then did the last 5K in 19:09 at the track. I was half-wishing that I'd hit 18:20ish for the 5k, but I new after about 800m that it wasn't going to happen. I was content though to feel strong, and concentrate on my form.

A decent run all things considered.

Patty ran 9.6k in 35:05. He miscounted the laps. Sort of reminds me of the time Bekele did the same.

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Lorne said...

Hi Lawrence;
I was thinking that you should search using the following criteria for a video "galen rupp stanford 27:33" I forget where the video is filed. It is about 6 minutes long and shows higlights of Rupp's run. Pay special attention to where his foot hits the ground relative to his stride, his turnover rate and the posture/balance angle that Rupp maintains. I think that you have drifted away from technical focus in the last few months. You looked like you were "working" when you came jogging with us the other night. I have been busy at work preparing to be on this week of vacation and did not have the time to write this as an e-mail. Please consider it and I will discuss it upon returning.