Saturday, April 25, 2009

500 m intervals at Sunset

Today's group workout at Sunset Park consisted of a short warm up, drills (ably demonstrated, and under the direction of Shawn) and for the main course, 8 X 500 m with a short jogging recovery, on a course that Lorne cooked up using a tape measure, and creating, surprisingly, a course that didn't meet his usual standards in inflicting pain. Actually, I kid -- the course didn't have any significant hills. It was hard enough without a hill.

The penultimate interval was to be the fastest, but I flubbed this in going out too fast on the first interval and making it my fastest. Thus, lucky number seven was my second fastest effort (or close to it, as I didn't record accurate splits). A good work out today, and one I can use in the future.

Congratulations to all who completed the Marathon Shuffle today. Following our workout, we made our way to the Shinglemill and joined some of the participants. Now these guys had a workout today!

Note to Lorne: I owe you a beer. 


Jill said...

I'm digging the change ..... why not try comics sans??

Lawrence said...

Whoops. Unintentional. Maybe I should move to a larger font for my older demographic?