Friday, May 15, 2009


The plan was to run 3 X 1k intervals at an "interval pace" or something akin to 3-5k race pace. I warmed up by running to the track and doing some loops on the grass, and then some drills and strides. The intervals were to be followed by 3 minutes rest. The scoop:

3:31 (first 400m to fast)
2:52 (I pulled the cord at 800m)
I then waited 2 minutes and ran 200m in 42 sec. I wanted to get a nice even 3k quality in. 

Initially, I was disappointed by this workout, but then I looked at it from a different perspective. I ran good paces that I haven't run lately. I could have sat on my ass and not run at all, and I was wise enough to pull out at 800m and know I needed to reevaluate this workout.

As soon as I got home I read the chapter on Interval training in Daniels' Running Formula, one of the great books on running. It reinforced his insight, and really got me thinking about this workout. I can improve this type of workout by:

  • Running at this pace for a shorter distance to start (<>
  • By running less than 1k, I may be able to get a greater total amount of interval running in a workout.
  • Not jumping into the 1k distance. I haven't done much interval training in a while.
  • Running with a buddy to keep me focused. This isn't always possible though.
I'll have more to say on my training schedule and program later. I'm in the early stages of fleshing this out. 

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