Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tough workout

At the track with the group and the youngsters. Lorne overseeing drills and exercises.

Warm up
Various demanding exercises w/run to next exercise
200m at 41 sec.
200 slow jog
400 at 1:22 
400 slow jog
600 at 2:05 (ignored watch now)
400 slow jog
800 at similar effort. This was a terrible rep. for me
400 slow jog
400m slow jog
400m at 1:20. I looked slow as everyone else rocketed this lap.
400m slow jog
200m in 33 sec. 

A nice organized effort. This workout highlighted to me my need for strengthening both muscle and speed endurance.

G.T. was lighting up the track tonight. He even made the speedy Shawn work the last 400m.

All the best Shawn! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Lorne said...

C'mon Lawrence - admit it. You were a hurtin' dog out there. That's the quietest that you have ever been on a workout. If it doesn't make you stronger, it will kill you.

Lawrence said...

Hey, I'm not hiding the fact that that was one of your tougher workouts.......Me, quiet? I'm always quiet.