Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Learning event

Met the Wednesday group at Larry Guthro Park (formerly Manson Park) where we did:

9 X 200m

While running one repeat near Lisa M, who happens to have flawless form, my form was very much on display. After this particular repeat, I received a good critique of my form from Greg. He noticed that I have a tendency to be leaning too far backwards when running. This is something I'm going to be cognizant of going forward, as I haven't thought too much about my form of late. It's one of the things I love about this sport, there is always something to learn and work on.

After this session I ran about 7k very easy with the 5:30 running group from Avid. I did open it up a bit and ran at approx. tempo pace for the last 1k.


gt said...

So that's how you spell "cognizant".
I have to admit LB that after my critique of your form, I felt very cheeky.

Lawrence said...

Not cheeky at all. Sarah has mentioned my "upright" running style before. I like to think I'm emulating Michael Johnson running the 400....

Anonymous said...

I knuckle drag.