Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cruise Intervals

My plan yesterday was a tempo run with an addition of 1 repeat from a fortnight ago. Here's the details:

1k warm up
4 x 1600m (with 1:00 rest)

The plan was to hit them in 6:04, but I ended in 6:09, 6:xx, 6:09, 6:05. There was a strong wind on the back stretch throughout the workout, and on the first repeat I ran my first lap WAY too slow. The second repeat was going well, when an old man waved me down and asked me if I'd seen a hearing aid on the track. Didn't see one, and I wonder if he heard me. The third repeat -- I can't remember what happened there. Oh well, at least the last one was the best repeat of the session, and close to the mark. Not bad, but it did give me something to contemplate on what I could do to improve.

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