Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Who's to Blame?

1 mllion workers. 90 million iPhones. 17 suicides. Who's to Blame? A Well done piece from Wired.

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Lorne said...

Hopefully, we will see you in a couple of hours. As per the article, it reminds me of hooker & john - service provider & service consumer - each feels demeaned, but glosses it over.

We don't need 90 million iphones or online gambling or Keno or HD tv. Who wants to live like or even feel like a university student again? Not me.

NEW = depravity & decadence. NEW = crack cocaine to our consumption crazy society. My in-laws tossed their 4-year old refrigerator yesterday because they were advised that it would be cheaper to buy "new" than repair.

We are 100% responsible for every one of those suicides. But no one will want to read that.