Monday, January 22, 2007

A fair weather tale

My coach recently observed that I'm something of a fair weather runner. I hadn't given it much thought till he made that comment, but there is a lot of truth in what he said. Today, I was going to break out of that mould. It was raining hard this morning, and I was going to get out there, put my older glycerin 4's on, and brave the slick streets and trail mud. Of course, once I was outside, it wasn't nearly as bad as I'd made it out to be. At one point , an older gentleman said to me from his driveway, "Now that's determination". I responded jokingly and off the cuff: "or stupidity".

I ran for 11.5k total and incorporated 1k at the track, timing my easy pace "blind". It was 4:36.5, and I was satisfied with that.


Michael said...

You're racing soon, no? Good luck! I've just received my schedule and I'll be doing the 10-k this weekend.

Lawrence said...

Yep, it's the steveston 8k this weekend for me.

Good luck at mill bay!

Anonymous said...

It was interesting to see you using the British spelling-mould. At least you are not "moldy" I guess. Maybe your shoes will be after that run!
Have fun this weekend, all the best to you!

Lorne said...

You've come a long way Mr. Behan! An easy & blind 1K of 4:36 at the end of 11K in the rain the day after a hard quality run.

Breathe deeply and run easily these next few days. Look intently at the beautiful scenery around you as you run around this little piece of paradise and be elated.

You are a proud father, a lucky husband and a bloody fast runner!

And this weekend you get to strut all of that on a deadflat 8K. Life is good!!!