Sunday, February 25, 2007

Changing on the fly

My schedule called for Km repeats at the track and I ended up having to create a modified workout. Earlier, the family went to my parents home to celebrate my Mom's birthday with a birthday brunch. My sister was in from out of town with her husband; the breakfast table was leafless, so we all squished around my parents table and enjoyed a fine breakfast spread.

I let the food digest and drove to the track around 1:00, but a soccer match was in full swing. With the track littered with people, tents, etc, I quickly decided to head back home and delay my workout. I ended up having a short nap and went back to the track at 3:30. The soccer match/tourney was still on. I wasn't going to delay again, I parked the car and started my warm-up by running up the Nootka trail. I decided to do my very best at simulating my workout on the roads. I picked a convenient route, that turned out to be ideal, considering the wind conditions, and was going to run for 3:20 seconds hard. It turned out that I chose this route. It was ideal because it started out with a slight downhill and then a larger downhill as you turned down Field St. When I turned in the opposite direction on Fernwood Ave., I was struck by a wall of wind, but this was only the last 200-250m. The route turned out to be just short of 1K, google maps calls it 0.96K. I ran continually, back to the start, which allowed about 3:30 between hard repeats.

I ended up running 4 X (.96K in 3:20-3:25 range with about 3:30 run between). I then kept the pace brisk by running, by my shoulder computer, 3km in about 4:15/K's .

I should say, that the run was fairly instinctual during the running of it, and I didn't really analyze things till I got home.

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