Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Track day

I met up with Patrick and Lisa at noon today for some track work. The wind was cool and its ever-presence could be particularly felt on the back stretch. We all ended up doing a series of 400/200/100's, with Lisa and I adding in some tire pulls to top it off. With misery loving company, we all then headed post run to the ocean for a leg cooling session.

Note to Patty: get some sandals or beach shoes, those skis you walk around on are going to get cut on the rocks, barnacles, etc.

I felt particularly good during the workout today, and it certainly helped having others pull me along and through the final meters, especially on the 400's. Probably one of my better short track workouts.

Pulling the tire on the track was made easier by not being alone during the workout, it made it somehow a more acceptable thing to do, from the standpoint of a disinterested observer, watching a grown man run with a tire attached by rope to his mid-section. I guess you could say I took my spare tire for a trot.


Anonymous said...

What next?? Patty in skis standing in freezing water...Lawrence with an attached tire, when most folks would rather get rid of a spare one..All we can say is that you two make a good pair!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that we will all get pretty tired of the puns or we will split our sidewalls laughing at them. I guess that last one was a little flat. Am I treading on thin ice? I am just being a drag now!