Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A tight 55:10

It was to be 60' easy today but run for 55:10. It was after work, it was dark, and I just wanted the damn thing over with. Don't get me wrong, the run was pleasant enough; but mentally, I was curled up on the couch with my slippers, coffee, and reading books to my daughter by the warmth of the gas fire that's rarely turned on.

My thighs were feeling my workout today as a result from yesterday, so my pace was relatively slow today as I did a "blind" timing of 1K at the track, concentrating on just keeping the pace I'd been running for the previous 40'. It was 4:52. Not rip-roaring fast, but that's wasn't the point today. Just getting my legs back enough, so I can rip them apart tomorrow on some hills -- that's the point....

...And I wore my new Sugoi tights today. Well, sorta new. New to me. Given to me. They were tight on me.

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LDPM said...

Aren't tights supposed to be tight?