Thursday, March 15, 2007

10k run in 41'

Training called for a 10k run between 40:00-44:00. No timing during the run, just go by feel. I ran with Patty, who was to scheduled to run a total of 13K (40' 10k pace for the first half and then move it up to around 38' pace). We stuck together for about 3K, then Patty took the lead as we planned, and we met back up at the end of the seawalk after our respective runs.

I ended up running the 10k in around 41:00, which was about perfect. The first 5K went by in a breeze, but the next 5K felt a bit like work on a cardio level. My legs felt great during the run. I did some leg swings waiting for Patrick to put in the additional k's.

It was a very satisfying workout today.

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