Friday, March 16, 2007

Track and training schedule

Track session today, and thankfully I had someone to go with. The weather wasn't particularly inspiring, so Lisa helped me get there and get the workout in. Lisa was a big help in getting me to hit my paces in the blustery weather, I did a much better job today in nailing them.

Today's training schedule called for pace work at greater than 5k race pace: 800's and a 1200m. With a warmup, drills, and strides, my actual total running distance was only 6k or so; but there was some good quality for 3.6k of it. Speaking of training schedules, I received mine today, which takes me till the end of this month. It takes me to my next race, a 5k in Vancouver at the end of this month. I'll have April's in short order. I probably don't want to look to far ahead anyway.

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