Sunday, March 18, 2007

60' or about 13-14K

Working late today forced me into running at the rec. center. I had a specific route to run or an alternate treadmill workout, called the "alpine". The treadmills at the community center were a little different than the one's at my usual gym of choice, so I did my best to mimic the alpine mode. The 'mills there are preset to a 20' max which I found annoying (no one was waiting), enough so, as to make my alpine workout less alpine than intended. I got frusturated after the 20' and just ran the next 40' at 6:49/mile pace at a 1% incline. Anyway, I felt good throughout the run, really feeling smooth, and concentrating on just running relaxed for the last 20' or so.

I will say running at the community center is like running in a hot box, with no fans, and seemingly little cooling from anywhere, I was sweating a bead.... my shirt was drenched, and my face looked red from what I could see of my reflection from the window. Not a running friendly atmosphere despite the bank of 5 treadmills.

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