Thursday, March 01, 2007

Two days worth of training.

I was tardy yesterday about posting, so here's a quick recap of the last couple of days.


Went to the track with Patrick, though we did do seperate workouts. It was cold and windy, probably with a temperature of 0-1 deg/C, and a wicked wind on the front straight-a-way. After a warmup, drills, and strides, I did some pace work over 800m, by doing 4 repeats, and then finished off with 3K easy run. It was nice that my family showed up to play at the field about half way through the session.


A cool, but clear day, saw a run of 50' by doing 5 X hills. I ran again with Patrick, and it was more of an even training field this time, as he had completed a 3 1/2 hour bike ride and hour before heading out with me. He was good and tired. He looked beat but was mentally tough on our last hill, as he dug deep and gave it his all. It was a good workout today, I think some progress is being made. My mental outlook was particularly positive after the workout.


Michael said...

How are you feeling about the hill workouts now, are you noticing a difference over the month? What’s next for you?

Lawrence said...

My next race is Bazan Bay 5K. I've never done this one before.