Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yelling encouragement works

My workout schedule underwent a last minute change today, and as a result I was back to the track for some pacing work. I didn't make it there till 5 pm, and for a nice surprise there were two other guys doing repeats. This is somewhat unusual in our small city, as usually the track is taken up mainly by walkers. Of the three of us doing repeats, I was the slowest. This was a good thing, seeing some quality runners there is always a treat. Graham C. was there (sub 15' 5k runner), one of the two faster runners in town (Patrick is the other); and David D. from Vancouver Island. On my schedule, after a warmup, drills, and strides:

3 X 800 m @ faster than 5K pace
1 X 1200m @ faster than 5K pace
Full recovery between repeats

The session went well. It was great talking to Graham. While he was on the cooldown portion of his workout, he said he'd stick around to make sure I got my 1200m in. During the last 400m of this bad boy, Graham was in the center of the field yelling encouragement and some practical things I should be doing, like, "use your arms to power through the curves and maintain on the straights". Boy, oh, boy, did it help. I felt myself pushing just a little faster than usual for that last 400. It really gave me an inkling into the mental vs. physical aspects of training/racing. I've got to talk to coach.........


Link of the day:

A columnist I admire, Gwynne Dyer has written a very interesting and topical column: "Iran: How to Start a War". Warning, politics here!

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Michael said...

Having support is huge, but having it come from Graham (what with his talent and attitude) makes all the difference. Nice workout!