Sunday, April 15, 2007

14- briskly.

I had a good run today. Maybe I was inspired by seeing the start of the Sun Run televised shortly before my own run? Or, I needed to rebound from my previous lackluster effort. This is the type of run today, though it can be tough at times in training, I probably enjoy the most as far as quality efforts go. In any case I was ready to go. I ran in the late morning, which was sunny and the temperature ideal for distance running. I passed lots of walkers and joggers today. I'm going to have to start applying sunscreen to my face in this type of weather, as my forehead, which seems to create more available exposed acreage with every running season, managed to have a slight reddish hue by the afternoon. Mind, I also mowed the lawn after my run.

I ran 14k along the water, over the seawalk, and through the trails at a brisk pace. I ran an out and back from the start (from my point-of-view) of the seawalk to the Mill gates in the Townsite, just a few meters north of Arbutus St. I probably ran the first 2k a bit quicker than intended, and it caught up with me a bit over the last k. I felt myself tiring, and just concentrated on the legs turning over and keeping my posture checked and in a good space.


Lorenzo said...

Congratulations Lawrence. You have exited from the funk that followed the post-event euphoria and you sound as though you are back on track.

Anonymous said...

Way to mow that lawn! Practical post run warm-down.


Anonymous said...

Mowed the lawn? was it a PB?

Lawrence said...

No PB on the lawn. Factors were:

wet grass
crooked mowing lines
not a flat course
too many turns