Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The beer necessities

This week has seen a reduction in my training with an emphasis on sharpening some skills for the race on Sunday. In that vein, I was at the track and did the following:

2.4K warmup
drills and strides
3 X 1200m
400m cooldown

I think there is a perpetual wind at the track -- I put it out of my mind, but it hit me everytime on the backstretch with a fair bit of strength. My hands were a bit cold after the workout, as there was a chilly wind blowing, but it was stunning and warm when the sun peaked out. We made my workout a family affair, with everyone there; and Audrey simply loving the mud puddles. She ended up looking like she had a more vigorous workout than me.


The link of the day -- in the spirit of taking it easy......

Video Demonstration: Open a beer bottle with a piece of paper Remember, your dentist (and Mom) wouldn't want you to use your teeth.

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Anonymous said...

Great . Just as Iv'e rid my house of bottleopeners!