Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Patriotic socks

I joined up with the running group at the gym this afternoon and ran with Ian F. for a few km. I ran for 44:30 in completing the Cranberry Lake loop, by starting out with a "Kenyan shuffle" and slowly picking up the pace, till the 9th K probably had me running 10K race pace. I had to stop to adjust the sock in my shoe, and this reminded me to pick up a new pair of "race" socks from Shorerunners 2. The one's with the Canadian flags are ripper....

The legs felt really fresh today, ready to race.

I've managed a nap each day for the last two days which has helped as well.

I checked out the 10k course online yesterday, and it's changed from the last time I did this in 2002. Then again, I've changed since '02. I'm familiar with the course as it is, and I think it's an improvement from the old course.

Me too?



Lorenzo said...

Yes you have changed since 2002.

Roy said...

You're gonna kill it , bra.