Thursday, April 26, 2007

Run diary....

Met with coach this afternoon at 2 pm

Went to track

2K warmup

Changed shoes to flats

Drills + hip swings

4 X 50m strides

Need to go #1, but no washroom...!

Run to bush, just up hill?


1200m at approx. 5k race pace


400m jog

1200m at 5K race pace

Still Windy, but not as bad

Change back to trainers

Think about drinking water.....but don't

2K cooldown

Hip swings

Really need washroom....

go home....


..... washroom


Lorenzo said...

Yes. It would really be nice to have access to the washrooms at the track. You can always go to the college, but I feel self-conscious when I do.

By the way, good splits!

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

I really wanted to leave a comment, but I can't because I suddenly feel the urgent need to urinate. Strange.

I guess I'm spoiled by running in the desert most days. There's always some poor bush in need of water and seldom anyone around.