Thursday, April 12, 2007

Busy day, easy pace

After a somewhat hectic day, and arriving home feeling like I was starving to death-- I had to eat.....or else......I'd probably bite someone's head off. I handled my meals, and fluids poorly today. I couldn't delay my run for too long, as I wanted to get the run in during daylight. I got out the door, and for the first half of the run felt the effects of eating dinner to close to heading out. Things weren't too bad for the second half of the run, my stomach settled, and I was coming back on my usual out and back along the water.

I was tired today, and as I was running, my mind started thinking about how much easier some of these runs would be if recovery wasn't (somewhat) impeded by all the "real" stuff that takes place: family, work, etc. What it must be like to be an elite, with the luxury (or necessity) of having more time to devote to becoming the best you can.......

Oh, a 50' run at an easy pace.


Lisa Del said...

What it must be like to be a starving, poor, unloved, possibly injured, hoick. I wonder....Would you really trade?

Anonymous said...

Would you like some cheese with your wine?