Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dog eat dog run

I waited for mid-afternoon to roll around and went to run a vigorous pace. It was to be an 8k run along the water. With no markers and really not sure of my pacing today for some reason, I'm not exactly sure how quickly I ran. If I had to guess, I'd say it was in the neighbourhood of 32:00-32:30 for the 8k, and running for about 36' in total. The thing is, though my legs felt fresh today, the pace felt harder than it should have, unless I was going faster than I figure. Maybe I need to get some markers set on the seawalk to check pacing on certain days? The thing would be not to become a slave to the K markers.

It was a strange run today, made stranger when a small dog chased me just inside the beach trail. The little bugger was determined to take a nip, and I was careening and surging while the hapless owners, with no leash in sight, were yelling for it to come back. I avoided leaving any meat behind and the little pest gave up after a mere 200m. Wimp. I considered stopping and playing soccer with the little fellow, but my better nature decided against it. It was just after this surge that I felt myself feeling tired, which was just at the 3.5K point. I needed to regroup and focus, but I felt I never fully got it back.

No wonder I don't like dogs.


Roy said...

That very same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Only I was double teamed. I showed my teeth and they stopped after 50 m.
Since that day I 've been practicing my pasaglia punts. Cats are so much cooler.

Roy said...

Oh ya , Rachel just reminded me a pug used my jacket as a urinal the other day during my softball practice. She says "Only you , Roy" as if I'm Charlie Brown, but as we both know, a dogs' a filthy animal.

Anonymous said...

...Hey you two... get tough in there!!!