Friday, April 20, 2007

Quality at the track

Today was the last extended quality track workout (that was a mouthful) before the TC10K in 9 days. It was a beautiful sunny day with a bit of wind; so nice I had to wear sunscreen for the third straight day. I hope it keeps up!

1600m warmup
extensive drills + hip swings
4X 50 m strides
4 X 1600m with 400 m jog between
1600m cool down
drills + hip swings

A total of 6 miles or 9.6km, to be precise.

The running link of the day:

Two great champions


Roy said...

I still don't know what "hip swings" are. What am i missing out on? Fill me in.


Roy said...

I googled it and all i found was horses and swing dancing.

Anonymous said...

A day off?