Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday night at the track

Fri. night track workout:

1600m warmup
drill, strides, hip swings
3 X 1600m fast (w/400m jog/walk between)
1200m cooldown
more hip swings
go home to eat and read daughter stories

The quality was there, but did tail off a bit on the last 1600m. A decent workout, neither poor, nor earth-shatteringly great.


Anonymous said...

What up? Coach sold me some awesome runners today and they look good too! I think they will make me run fast on April 29th
See ya tomorrow...JM

Anonymous said...

met your coach as well, yesterday. Hell of a nice fellow. He encouraged me towards short runs. I think thats good advice. So, what exactly are "hip swings?" Mine sure are sore today.