Sunday, April 29, 2007

Race report: TC 10K in Victoria

It was a bright and sunny race morning, a few clouds in the sky, but what looked to be perfect race conditions. There was some 10,000 participants, which seemed double that amount when I watched them streaming in at the end of the race in the inner harbour. My sister Jill joined me as we were dropped off to warm-up near the start.

The gun went off and we were on the move. I was held up a bit at the start as there were probably some 100+ runners ahead of me and I had to go around a few. Shortly though, the pack was strung out and it was clear sailing. My plan was to hit the 1st K in 3:42ish, and I did this by clocking a 3:40; so I was happy with my first K execution. My legs felt really good at this point, and I questioned whether I was going fast enough during the first k as I hadn't quite found my groove. When I hit Dallas Rd. all was good, and then the turn-around point was reached, and I realized there was going to be a fair headwind. You never notice a tailwind, but always a headwind. The headwind was fairly tough and lasted roughly through 3.5k-8k, but it was affecting everyone equally, and I took solace knowing that no one was pulling away from me during this straight stretch.

I passed the 5K mark in 18:14, which was a good solid mark and then I put the watch away till the finish. I concentrated on sticking with the group in my pack, especially a guy in an orange tank-top, and a female runner just ahead of me. There was a guy behind me, so close, and obviously drafting, that on two occasions he actually kicked my heels, yelling a "sorry" the second time. No harm, no foul.

With 1000m to go, I tried to increase my speed as best I could knowing that I'd done repeats greater (and faster) than this many times at the track. I pressed to the finish and clocked 37:19, a new PB. My Coach has been a big factor in dropping my times and getting my head tuned for racing. Another big factor has been Sarah, for allowing me to go on these road trips........

I was very satisfied with this race, not just because of the PB, but almost more importantly, because I felt I could go faster (in different conditions) and I felt great after the run. I had a beautiful sunny day to look forward to, and it was only 08:37:19

Race results here

It was nice to shake hands, meeting Michael, fresh from London, and the author of this fine blog

Sidebar: Jill's running form has seen improvement of late. A comment was even made to that fact, albeit from a biased source. Kidding! All the running and running clinics has certainly reaped rewards.


Lorne said...

Congratulations Lawrence! It is a real thrill to see your Personal Bests get revised on such a steady basis.

Roy said...

Great to hear about the p.b.!

The Mule said...

To the # 1 Stallion,

Great run this weekend!

Don’t forget your old training buddy

The Mule

Lawrence said...

Thanks all for the good wishes.


You'll be back in the stable soon enough....and having your stubborn butt haulin' around the track....just envision that carrot hanging from a string at the end of that pole.....