Tuesday, May 01, 2007

An (Ass)et braying?

Having more than 48 hrs. since I raced, gave my legs a fresh feeling for today's easy 10k. I felt really good and felt my form was "tight". I felt in control and powerful.... Post-race euphoria? Or, tax-refund-cheque-arrival euphoria? Either way, I've warned Sarah of the potential crash looming, that MAY occur in a few days. The run itself was a bit of a mirror of Sunday's race, I ran 5k out along the H2O and ran through a head-wind all the way home. I did some light drills after the run to loosen up the muscles.

Anyway, with a tax refund and good race in my back pocket, I treated myself earlier in the day to a new pair of Brooks running shorts from Shorerunners 2. I also received my training schedule for the month of May and had a short talk with Coach. May can be summed up in that it will be conservative, maintenance, and a few new types of new runs thrown in the mix. Looks like fun.


Further words to the mule : I'm sure it won't be long till you're once again the Lippizzan Stallion of the P.R. paddock.


Running link of the day: Galen Rupp, just 20 years old, breaks the American collegiate 10K record in 27:33. Wow!

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