Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Run; part one, part deux


I was at the track running 4X(800m) + 1X(1200m). The workout went pretty well, the rest period between reps was shorter this week, so it was hard in a good way. Again, the whole family was with me there playing while I ran. Unlike last week I managed to grab the gear from the gym and dragged a tire at the track. Some kids, down at the track during Phys. Ed. class from the Jr. High, looked at this odd picture of an old guy dragging a tire by a rope with amusement. But judging from some of these kids, they've already got their own spare tires. I will not digress this entry into the obesity problem facing today's youth.

A good morning track session that left me tired, but refreshed a little later.


I had to head out to fill up the "tomato" (red honda civic) with gas for the morning commute. I decided to stop off at Willingdon beach and put in a very easy run of about 6K, using this as the best time management given my circumstances (2 kids). I ran for 31:30 along the trail; the XC course I used a few months ago; and a few other assorted trails. My legs felt heavy at the start, but had loosened up by the end of the run.

12 k total today in two runs.

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Roy said...

sounds like you were on that track like a fat kid on a smartie.