Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A run in the sun (nice change)

I wore sunscreen on my face today before venturing out for my run. A first for this year. Nice.

I was up early this morning for work--4 am early-- and my legs felt heavy. They continued to feel heavy for the rest of the day, but I remember someone telling me something like, "don't let the heavy legs get in the way of a potential good run". That's what I did. I was to do 8 loops of my run/surge workout which totaled about 11.5K. I ended up being on my feet for just over 51' (with a short warmup) and finished the workout quite satisfied. Despite my heavy legs, I was mentally upbeat, probably the weather helped a great deal, and after running a few circuits my legs worked out most of the kinks. It was a hard run, but I was continually going through mental cues on my form during the surge stretches, something I did more than I usually do. I am really starting to like these intuitive runs, unburdened by my watch and distance. It leaves those distractions behind to concentrate on RUNNING well.

An above average workout and I ran it with conviction.


Saint Laurent said...

Running is a liberating experience. Numbers are for taxmen. Numbers don't define your experience, your perceptions define it.

Roy said...

Like my older faster brother, I too, have started to use sunscreen on my forehead. Actually, I believe it's considered more of a "five"head.