Wednesday, May 09, 2007

16K total in 1:21

Two runs today:

In the morning I ran for a total of 1:00:18. It was a perfect morning. The sun was shining and nary a breeze. A 1600m warmup on the seawalk, plus drills and 2x strides were followed with 6 hill repeats up Nootka + circuit. A construction crew on the corner of Nootka probably was wondering what the hell I was up to as I passed by them six times.

Still fought a bit of a cough on this run.

In the afternoon, I joined up with the running group (the name has been democratically chosen: Powell River Sole mates) at Shorerunners with the decision to put in 5k at a good pace. The route was around 5.4K and I ran it in 20:47. The first K was strange, as I had to find my legs for the first K following my morning run, it's not often I put in a double.

This second run wasn't on my training schedule, but I just said, "what the hell".

A good day's running.


Mike said...

I have a similar group that gets out for 10K on Wednesday nights. It's nice to get in some bonus miles at a conversational pace, though it's tough for me when they decide to race it (which invariably happens when I'm a bit tired).

Your hill session from the morning sounds like a good workout. You can never have enough strength for 5-10K.

Roy said...

I've used my big brother for inspiration and have started a blog.. check it out sometime.

I may need some blogging advice to get mine looking as cool or cooler than yours.

Lawrence said...

Hey Roy,

Your blog is only allowing comments for "team members" it up to the rest of us.....but set up word/letter verification to prevent spam......

I had a killer comment and I can't post.....