Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another slow boil

A windy morning for an out and back along the water, with the wind seemingly changing directions with me. Actually, the wind seemed to be hitting me directly at my side, so I didn't seem to gain any tailwind advantage on the way back. Well, maybe a bit. The crews were out yesterday and did some work to the Beach trail, laying down some crushed trail bed gravel (pea gravel?) along 3/4 of the trail. The new gravel felt great underneath my feet, giving a bit, but firm. I have a feeling this won't last as it will soon be compacted. For today though, it was almost a nice track-like surface. To emphasize-- a nice track, not like the surface of our local track.

I ran for 10k doing my Sunday "boiling water" run, which has been my Sunday run for the month of May. For the final 5k, I increasingly picked up the pace and was cruising along by the time I finished along the seawalk. It was a run that required some work over the last 5k, but a satisfying run today.

I need to measure some K points along the seawalk, I'm sometimes interested to see what my k split is; today would have been interesting.


A fellow blogger, Michael, finished the Ottawa Marathon this morning in a great time of 2:45. Way to go Michael!

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