Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Scot for a day

I got out this morning for a run that lasted 1:03:44. It was 8 x hills on my local loop, which is just outside my door, and with absolutely great running weather -- overcast and warm. Maybe not the best weather from a pure performance point of view, but mentally, it was, as the young say, sweet. Again, legs felt great; lungs, not so much.....

This was the last hill session for now; as I hit the track next week for a series of 200's, a workout I'm looking forward to as the hills were getting a bit monotonous. I'll get to throw on some spikes and make like Michael Johnson. Well, maybe not quite. I picked up my new Brooks T5 racing flats from Shorerunners today, and the colours sure look fast. They've got a tartan theme that makes me wish I was Scottish.

I won't be able to make the run group tonight as we're at my Ma and Pa's for dinner. It's Sarah's birthday and ice cream cake is on the menu......Oh baby!

Happy Birthday Sarah! You're the best!

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Lorne & Lisa said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Sarah from us!