Friday, May 18, 2007

Catch-up post

Yesterday evening:

Ran an 8K out and back along the water; to be precise, I ran to the middle of the trestle bridge in the beach trail, then turned around. I don't know how close this is to 8k, but it's in the ball park. It was 19:41 out and 19:08 back for a total of 38:49. It was to be an even-paced run; and with the slight net downhill on the way back, it ended up being just that. With it being warmish, yet overcast, it was fine distance running weather.

This afternoon:

1k warmup
5 loops of run/surge circuit (approx. 7k)
15:00 of diagonals at soccer pitch
Hip swings

It was slightly windy and more than slightly raining when I had the chance to do this workout, but with mild temperatures it was not bad at all. I wasn't able to run till around 5:00 pm as I was in a first aid course all day, and REALLY needed to stretch my legs after that somewhat boring debacle.

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