Wednesday, May 30, 2007

To the track

First track session in a while today. Beautiful morning, and was at the track before the heat of the afternoon. Coach, and Lisa were there as well, running well. It was nice to have Coach jump in and run some of the 200's with me, as it kept me more focused on my form. It was a somewhat demanding run that left me feeling good about my running-- not exhausted--more refreshed than anything.

1600m warmup
drills + 4X strides
10 X 200m with 30 sec. rest @ just faster than 5k race pace
5:00 active rest
10 X 200m with 30 sec. rest @ same as above

I received my training schedule for June, and the bar has been raised a bit.


Michael said...

Nice w/o, how did you feel? 20x200m... cool! What's next for you, are there any summer races around or will you being looking toward the fall?

Lawrence said...

Felt good just afterward, but can feel the calf's today.

I'm going to be doing a 5k race in a couple weeks at UBC. Thanks for the comments.....