Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10-11k easy

Headed on my bike to the gym for a run with the 5:30 Wed. run club. I ran with Lorne and Doug for 50', spending about 20' with Lorne and 45' with Doug. It was a nice warm evening and it was nice to have company for the run.

It's this sort of short, lame post above that has me thinking about changing up this blog. Sometimes I feel I have to post every day I happen to run, even if I don't have anything interesting to say.

What do you think? Throw it in the comments section.


Eric said...

It's tough on the easy days to come up with anything substantive to put into the blog, but I do it anyway. I need to reinforce the habit, otherwise I get lazy.

Always remember that the blog isn't just about you! Once you commit to letting us in on your training/life/etc. you have a responsibility! haha. Maybe that's too strong a word. Anyway, keep up the blogging and the running.

Have you noticed that since everyone has their spring marathon out of the way, the comments have dropped off? There doesn't seem to be much going on in blogland the last few weeks.

Lorne said...

I have to agree with Eric about maintaining the habit for a few reasons. Particularly in your case Lawrence, I think that the blog is supportive of your training. Possibly because you are posting your thoughts within a public domain, you reflect more seriously upon what you did in your training session.

The other reason that I think that you need to keep it up is for the benefit of people like your brother and sister and your immediate family. Talking about yourself on the blog might help to keep some of your personal focus out of family life. That is a good thing! We can talk about ourselves way too much to our closest family. Plus, even though they do not always comment, I am sure that your sister and brother check-in. By doing so, it probably helps to keep them motivated about their running. Which in turn, will motivate you. It is all good!

Finally, I enjoy checking up on it myself. You often tag a link that I find very interesting.

It is solstice today! Enjoy that sunshine. Thanks for letting me run on your shoulder for a while last night. It was a pleasure.

Lawrence said...

Thanks for the thoughts guys. A very good comment about the personal focus and family life Lorne. Gotta keep world's from colliding sometimes.....cheers.

Anonymous said...

As well as sisters and brothers....moms and dads like to track all their kiddies...whether it be on a blog or facebook!!!! L needs to get online so we can keep up with him too!!!