Thursday, June 21, 2007

60' easy

I ran a bit later than I wanted, getting out the door this morning at about 10:45. As it turned out, though warm, it wasn't as hot as I thought it might be. A nice breeze on the way back along the water kept the temperature nice and the shade in the beach trail and above the old golf course provided nice relief along the way. I ran for 60' today, stopping for 2' at about the 13' point, as I stopped and said hello to Barrie as he was puttering in the garden. He was wiser than I and ran early in the morning and was now being productive around the house.

I'd like to expand on my comments from yesterday's post. Regarding the proposed changes to the blog -- I have no desire to change the volume of running or running focus. I'm really liking the direction my Coach has taken me, I'm still after more improvement..... I suppose at times I feel an obligation to post daily about my runs (no jokes here please), despite having little to say. I've been thinking about blogging less frequently about my runs, though definitely writing about the more interesting workouts. Maybe a weekly round-up. I've also considered adding non-running content that interests me, and hoping it would be interesting to others as well. I've thought about an "edgier blog": more opinions, pop culture, technology, and maybe even politics.......still running stuff, but maybe not solely focused on it.

All this is still in the thought stage and hasn't quite made it into the development stage. As always your opinions are heard. Stay tuned.

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