Thursday, June 28, 2007

The golden time (and age) of 40

I got started late this morning, deciding to wait for the rain to arrive. I wasn't disappointed, and did my run to the beach trail gate and back. It was a good run today, the cooling effects of the rain helping considerably, especially compared to yesterday's evening run in the mugginess. There's something about a 40' easy run that often brings out the best in me; be it psychological or not, it seems to happen with some regularity. I was scheduled for 50' easy, but decided to reduce it by 10' for a treble of reasons:

1. My right buttock was experiencing slight residual soreness from the hill workout.
2. The aforementioned psych. benefits.
3. Hard effort tomorrow.

The same easy workout last week produced similar results. I'm not out consciously to run this route faster than previous efforts each time, I just like to check in occasionally for feedback. The route took 19' flat out to the bridge and 18:31 back with a total run time of 40:15. I was actually 10" faster than that run 6 days ago where I was feeling like a world-beater. I didn't feel quite as good, but the results are there.

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