Sunday, June 10, 2007

Me and Audrey, our workouts:

With the sun shining, slight clouds, and a wind on the back stretch I rode up to the track for another short, faster session. Sunscreen, light clothing and spikes were on.

2K warmup
Drills + hip swings
4 x 60m strides
3 x 1k at faster than 5K PB pace w/ 200m jog between
1K cool down

Sarah and the kids were at the track as well. Unsolicited advice after my second repeat was that I need to relax. She was right, I was thinking, as I was getting ready for my last repeat. My shoulders felt a bit tight. Maybe I should listen to her more often?

Audrey ran around the track once with a few walking breaks thrown in. Not a bad 400m repeat. Her cool down consisted of running up the grassy hill and rolling down it several times. She's on her way! NCAA Division 1 schools: please send all correspondence in care of moi. She will be able to accept offers in 2021.


Anonymous said...

Always listen to your wife!

Anonymous said...

Of course, your wife is always right!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone agrees here...