Friday, June 08, 2007

Track and tartans

A track day today. After a warmup, drills, and strides, I set out to complete 4 X 1200m. Greg T. was just getting to the track and ran the warmup with me plus the last 300-400m or so on my first 1200's. Nice to have a chat with Greg, whose been battling some plantar fascitis issues. I know these issues well. My legs felt "wobbly" for my first 1200 as if I needed to find them, and coax them into running more efficiently. I was satisfied with my efforts in all, but for the last 1200. I was getting tired, but I could have focused a bit more and worked harder to hit my times.

I did sport my new Brooks T4 racers, with the fancy tartan colours for the first times during my 1200's, as I want to get a bit of running in them before commiting them to race day. All was well with the tartans... I just need to make them move around the track a bit faster.

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Lauren said...

Buddy, those Hush Puppies of your's seem to be moving pretty fast if you ask me. The times that I saw look fast enough to me!

So if I got shoes like that, would I be able to run that fast???