Thursday, June 07, 2007

John Treacy

Coach sent me this interesting article on John Treacy, 1984 silver medallist in the marathon for Ireland. He speaks about the importance of taking your easy runs easy, and track work. I love the answer to this particular question: In the build up to the games, was there ever a time when you thought "I can't do this"?

Answer: I don't understand what the word means.

A good article on an old-school runner.


As for me, I ran again for 50' easy today around Cranberry Lake, for about 11k. The weather was nice for this one, as the sun came out; but clouds were there shielding some of it's power. I rode home from the gym and decided to mow the lawn before showering, afterwards a bit of dehydration kicked in. I need to do a better job to prevent this. But what can I say, the lawn needed attention. A good run today. Tomorrow: more at the track. John Treacy, would nod his head in agreement with this me thinks........

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