Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Credit where credit is due

For the first time in almost 3 months, I did today's easy run on the treadmill. I ran for a total of 50', running the first 30' at 7:30/mile pace and picking it up till I finished at 7:03/mile pace. I crossed the 10k point in 47:36, despite starting out at just under 8:00/mile pace.

It's been raining all day with just a few breaks, and this was part of my motivation in taking my run indoors. It was interesting to note my level of preceived effort at these paces compared to a few months ago. My fitness has improved.

On this last note, while on the tready, I was thinking about my training the last 7 months, since under the direction of Coach Lorne. He's reduced my overall mileage, increased the short fast stuff, and I've made gains in my PB's. The bigger point, in many ways, is that for the first time in several years, I've run these last number of months with no small tweaks, little nagging injuries that take a whle to leave me. In the past I've had a right hip problem; tendenitis in my achilles, and on the top of my foot.

The body is getting older, but with some smart coaching and direction, no injuries.

Excuse me while I knock on my head.....

and send thanks to Lorne.

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