Sunday, July 08, 2007

Race pace for 4K

I ran my 8k+ loop today with 4K out at easy pace and the 4K back at about 10k race pace. Total time running with (1) bio break (on the easy out): 39:09. I ran the (10k pace) distance from mid-bridge to the sea walk garbage can back in 15:52. I don't know how far this is, but I soon will, as I've bought an odometer and am picking up my bike from the shop tomorrow. I did time my rough 1K portion and got 3:45, which is a bit slow, but the heat was a factor.


Later in the evening I joined Patrick at the track and timed him running 3X1k w/ 200m walk between. He's coming back from a layoff and ran well: 3:09/3:15/3:20. I need to hit those sorts of times by next year-- well in the 3:20's anyway.

Patty at the track.

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