Monday, July 09, 2007

Atlas Restaurant

I went to Vancouver Island alone today in order to attend to a few odds and ends. During my meanderings in downtown Courtenay, I walked into a hip restaurant called Atlas, that was host this last weekend to the CBC radio show, North by Northwest. Being alone, and hoping for quick service during the busy lunch hour crowd, I sat at the bar and ended up having one of the best lunches in a very long time. I had the Middle Eastern wrap with a Caesar salad, the wrap had fried falafel, peanut sauce, avocados, and many other niceties. I told my bartender it was the best wrap I'd ever had, and I wasn't exaggerating. The next time you're in the area, head to 6th St. and you won't be disappointed. Go for the wrap, and a fruit smoothie to wash it down.


Anonymous said... exaggerating..thought i made the best lunches in town!

Lawrence said...


Which town do you make your lunches in?


Anonymous said...

4 Kennedys and a Whitford also give Atlas high ratings. Good food, atmosphere, and people watching.

K & J

Anonymous said...

..usually they're made in a back yard in a small town, with bagels, avacados, the works.. some diners are so and kennedys have also had similar lunches on a lake in a small town!!

Anonymous said...

Must say, given the options, the Kwhitfords would choose the lunch on a lake in a small town (if it is indeed the lunch we're thinking of). Sorry L.J. our atlas loyalties only go so far.

J & K