Sunday, April 06, 2008

Last leg

I ran about 16k this evening. The exact distance isn't known, but I'd guess it is very close. My assignment was to run at 4:00/k -- and I was pretty successful for the first half. My first k was exactly 4:00, the fifth k was 4:03. During the last half of my run, I slowed, and fought the rain and wind heading for home. I ran for 1:07 total and ended with a small blister on my right foot that bothered me the last 5k. I blame a wet, too loose sock.

Despite slowing, the run was a bit of a character builder. It's the longest I've run at a sustained pace for a while. I really needed Greg T. pacing me on that last leg. Now that that leg is over, I can feel my legs. Greg said he might show up; but given the hour on a Sunday evening, and the ugly weather, I don't blame him one bit.

Congratulations are in order for my Sis who ran the first "gutbuster" race on Vancouver Island and PB'd by 6 minutes! She plans on running them all.

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Anonymous said...

GO SweeTie Pie!!

When are you starting a bustin blog??